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About Me

gravatarMy name is Manfred Zobrist, I am a passionate photographer based in the beautiful triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland. Already in early childhood years, I came in touch with photography when I was allowed to attend a photography course during school holidays. Even back then, photography fascinated me, so I emptied my piggy bank out and purchased a Canon T50 with standard lens and a handful of Kodachrome 64, Ilford FP4 and Kodak T-Max 3200 films that I kept in the refrigerator like the pros.

After the conversion to digital photography, I finally discovered nature and landscape photography for me, which I now dedicate myself intensively. On that genre I particularly like the special mixture of natural experience with technique and creativity. Beside this I also deal with architecture photography and all transitions between architecture and landscape. Since I travel very often, there is a wide range of interesting possible subjects for me. When staying out in the nature, then always with the consciousness to be there as a guest and leaving the area as untouched as I entered it.

While creating a photo, it’s my approach to capture the full dynamic of a scene already on the location. The use of various neutral density filters are therefore of special importance. I always try to keep the scene as I have perceived it. When being out in the nature, I let myself get inspired with all my senses by the impressions surrounding me. Glittering stars in a freezing winter night, the salty smell of the sea. Unknown cracks in the undergrowth and the sound of recurring surge breaking at a coast.

I consider it as a privilege to stay out and explore the untouched nature for which opportunity I am extremely grateful. Although often only a hard way leads to the desired location and the backpack seem to weight a ton – I love photography. Is there anything more beautiful than exploring a breathing landscape, touched in warm morning sunbeams and catching the scene on the camera sensor? With my photographs I want to show my perspective on things. And I am pleased to share it with other people. With my friends, with other photographers and with you. I hope you enjoy my website.